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Uniform and Responsibilities

  • You are expected to be in the appropriate referee uniform. Please have black socks, shorts, or pants, and the NEW USSF uniform jersey. 
  • You are responsible for your own equipment; flags, watches, cards, whistles
  • You must check the NMSA calendar so you know; what teams are playing, who is responsible for paying you, what the pay rate is for the age, how long each half is and how long the halftime is

Inclement Weather?

If it is too hot or too cold, and you aren't comfortable calling games, NMSA has decided to leave up to the host coach/coaches to determine whether or not to continue gameplay. When in doubt, make sure you have the coaches contact info before the games and reach out to them. 

  • Play in rain, but not lightning, unless otherwise directed by Gary, Justin, or host coaches.
  • In the case of lightning, everyone needs to clear the field for 30 minutes from last lightning strike. The 30 minutes start over at last lightning strike.
  • People are not allowed under the pavilion with lightning.

Pre-game Field Protocol

  • Walk the field, check for safety; water spots, sprinkler heads, field closed signs, holes in nets. Let the host coach know if you see something that doesn't look right, before the game! 
  • Field Closed signs, must be removed and placed out of the way, far behind the net, not to the side, where a player could come in contact. Remeber to place them back where our Field  Manager had them after the games are finished. 

Pre-game Protocol

  • Coaches and/or Managers must give you a League certified roster and Passcards prior to starting the game. This guarantees us the player is insured. If they are not, our entire complex is at risk for liability. Coaches know this. 
  • You are responsible for checking in players prior to the game with roster/passcards and ensuring they are properly equipped with shin guards, soccer cleats, and no jewelry.
  • Coaches and Managers need to give you the weekly gamecard for your signatures, after each game. They are responsible for returning to NMSA after each weekend. 
  • HOME TEAM is responsible for PAYMENT for the game. Refer to the PYSA referee schedule if you need to reference on game day.  It is structured so that each team should only be paying for one game per day. Coaches and/or Managers will pay you before the game, you can request if they have forgotten. Review the schedule before the game so you know who is responsible for each game. 
  • Coaches and Managers are responsible for the CORNER FLAGS, but if they are forgotten, please help us out and return them to the pump house in front (the one by field 10).

Fan's Code of Conduct

We have extra cards in the office/concession building that you can add to your ref bag. Hand them out as you feel necessary. They are also online at

There are links to the right that are useful, review NMSA rules, fees, and have fun! 


Referee 7/8/9 Recertification and Bridging to 8 Classes will be scheduled in December 2019 at Petoskey High School at 10 am-Noon. 
You must sign up through your gameofficial account and complete the online tests BEFORE coming to the class. 

New Referee Certification classes are scheduled in March 2019. Registration is available through gameofficial.
Plan on class 6-9pm Friday night and 9a-3p on Saturday.

Recert classes will be in March 2019, 10a-Noon. Bridging classes will also be available. 

Petoskey Youth Soccer Association

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