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Resilience Is The Most Powerful Skill Kids Can Develop Right Now
This is a good article that was sent to me after a webinar on being resilient. Which is one thing I really think sports helps teach. I see a lot in successful young adults - those who had sports or theatre or something that taught them resilience move through life's hurdles in a way that make them stronger versus making them shatter. -Coach Ashley

Our Children Become the Messages They Hear the Most - Changing the Game Project
This article hits on some key points that I hold in high value within my coaching philosophy. I want all of our players to be trained well technically and tactically on the game of soccer, but something that I find very important, and often times under emphasized is coaching on the emotional side of the game. A growth mindset is critical to be successful as an athlete and ultimately is important as a young learner and future professional. Working with various clubs and college players over the years I've given many lectures and presentations on the growth mindset, on the character skills that sports develops and the importance of trusting the process. Self talk, our internal monologue is one of the most important things in sports and I know the more I get to work with all of our membership the more I will emphasis this with our players. Yogi Berra is quoted with the phrase "90% of the game is mental" and I've seen teams lose a game before they even step on the field. On the reverse I've also watched a team warm up and know today is going to be an amazing day for the team. -Coach Ashley

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